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On Demand Webinar:
Achieve Consistent Governance Across Agile & Waterfall Projects with Strategic Portfolio Management

Learn how to deliver effective project governance in a bimodal world.

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Achieve Consistent Governance Across Agile & Waterfall Projects with Strategic Portfolio Management

As Agile Methodologies become more prominent in today’s business, more and more PMO and IT Leaders are left facing the challenge of providing consistent project governance across their project portfolio. In this webinar we explore how organizations can make the transition from predominantly waterfall based projects to a more bimodal approach.

By taking a strategy-led, business-outcome focused approach to PPM we explore how organizations can develop a culture of strategy execution to ensure the right work, is delivered in the right way, at the right time, with the right resources, bringing the right business value. Using KeyedIn Projects as the demonstration platform this webinar highlight’s how a top-down approach to PPM helps you translate all of your strategic initiatives into the project portfolio in a consistent way, regardless of methodology, to ensure business value.

Join our experts and learn…

  • How to standardize project selection and prioritization to provide improved visibility into the overall status and progress of your project portfolio
  • How to reduce project delays, bad hiring decisions and low utilization of existing resources because of no central system for global resource capacity planning
  • How to create a single system of engagement for all portfolio reporting, while allowing execution teams to continue working in the tools they know best, i.e. Jira or TFS
  • How to avoid cost overruns and time lost to non-strategic projects resulting from delayed financial reporting
  • How to improve stakeholder engagement by providing consistent benefits realisation across multiple approaches
  • How to focus on critical milestones that help deliver change fast and demonstrate value