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Remaining fixed, focused and firm in the vision of achieving business growth through successful customer delivery are the major tracks that any organization runs on. Sometimes, even the most skilful executive team can guide the business off-track by losing visibility across its project portfolio – holding onto projects that are going nowhere, spreading resources too thin, or generally progressing the wrong mix of projects.

The new white paper from KeyedIn® Projects explores the risk management landscape and how the PPM and the PMO challenges the narrow project-by-project orientated focus to planning which can often lead to conflicts, poor resourcing decisions and erosion of profitability.

Topics included in this paper:

  • The role and goals of the PPM
  • The role and goals of the PMO
  • Five major benefits of a coordinated strategy
  • How the right PPM/PMO strategy drives business impact
  • Measuring PPM and PMO success