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Flexibility, adaptability and agility are key characteristics of successful organizations that want to outperform their competitors. Transforming your organization to harness these characteristics requires a strong change management strategy executed from the top down. In this white paper, we’ll share why creating an Agile organization that embraces change is so important in today’s fast-paced business environment. Next, we’ll show you how to utilize project managers to organize the transformation process, track progress and manage implementation.

We will also share the ADAPT formula for creating organizational buy-in and provide insight into selecting the right software solutions to provide visibility and guidance, governance, collaboration, and centralization. By the end of this paper, you will know how to prepare your organization to not just navigate and survive change but, most importantly, thrive while doing so.

In this Paper:

  1. Adapt or Fail — The Dangers of Playing It Safe
  2. The PMO as a Catalyst and Facilitator of Change Management
  3.  ADAPT – Your Formula for Transformation and Buy-in
  4. How Technology Can be Your Best Partner to Conquer Change