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Your most critical assets are your resources - get them in tune with strategy This whitepaper covers the specific skillset needed in a successful PMO including planning, managing and measuring resources.

The project management office (PMO) is becoming a crucial communicator and enabler of business goals for stakeholders up and down the customer value chain. Low PMO process maturity contributes to resource utilization failures as does low adoption rates and poor utilization of resource management tools. Utilizing best practices for planning, managing and measuring resources, however, can help you engage and retain the best resources, improve profitability and prove your PMO’s value to the organization.

Key Takeaways:

Resource management expertise is crucial, perhaps the key enabler in most industries, to both project success and stakeholder satisfaction.

Planning, managing and measuring resources requires a specific skillset from your PMO. These resource execution fundamentals help you build a strategy to withstand change.

Adopt the skills for planning, managing and measuring resources to ensure a greater effectiveness and alignment to strategy.