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Are metrics a benefit or challenge to your organization? Uncover the crucial elements that must be present to help you forge metrics to not only meet project deliverables but become a true strategic partner. Download our informative white paper, "Optimizing resource investments using metrics to bring more value".

By improving resource management and capacity planning with solid metrics you’ve made a giant step in the direction of profitable change. Here are the four best practices that we’ve identified to help you institute a system of metrics in your PMO and integrate them among your stakeholders and teams:

  • Organizational Readiness - Can your enterprise step up to the plate and design metrics that matter?
  • Designated Resources for Metrics Projects - If you can’t fit metrics projects into your headcount intelligently, you’re doomed to fail.
  • Senior Management Sponsorship/Champions - What to say to gain buy-in.
  • Continuous Learning/Improvement - End your “cycle of PM metrics pain” with a cycle of continuous improvement and learning that allows you to measure what matters most

Learn how to effect real change, right now, with metrics that actually help you achieve your goals.