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Do you rely on spreadsheets to manage any part of your portfolio of projects? Do you see commercial project portfolio management solutions as overkill or an unnecessary expense?

Perhaps you haven't considered how suitable spreadsheets really are for project planning and the dangers that using spreadsheets can pose to the security and competitiveness of your organization.

This free whitepaper considers the following key questions to ask you when determining if spreadsheets can still tackle your project management needs.

  • How much faith do you have in the data contained within your spreadsheets?
  • Will your spreadsheets be fit-for-purpose in one, two or five years’ time?
  • How secure is your spreadsheet-based data?
  • Can you get an immediate snapshot of all of your company’s key performance indicators?
  • Can you provide everyone with instant access to a “single version of the truth”?
  • How much time is your team spending on maintaining spreadsheets?