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Organizational agility is the ability for a company to adapt with speed and continue to thrive through any business challenge whether it be internal or external. Many organizations exhibit organizational agility by adapting to changes on a regular basis – new mandates, internal structure changes, product or market adaptations are all examples of changes and the business’ ability to change and adapt is their degree of organizational agility. Today’s disruptions are just the most current example of the uncertainty that comes with running a business and brings this concept top of mind as organizations across the globe and across industries are required to adapt to changing conditions. 

This whitepaper highlights:

  • Adapt or Fail — The Dangers of Playing It Safe
  • Agility vs. Governance 
  • Creating an Organizational Agility Strategy
  • Connecting Strategy and Execution for Sustainable Organizational Agility
  • Three Areas PPM Can Support Increased Organizational Agility 
  • Agility in Action.