Konfigure® - Drag, Drop, Deploy...Relax

Konfigure, an enterprise application Platform as a Service (aPaaS), allows business users to build enterprise cloud applications without coding at a fraction of the time and cost.

Build and integrate new applications including (HR, CRM, Onboarding, Finance and approval processes) using simple visual tools and our powerful workflow engine. Konfigure allows you to extend and integrate with existing systems or move them to the cloud in just days.

Konfigure is the ideal technology to drive transformation and innovation within modern enterprises.

Don't Code. Konfigure!

KeyedIn Flex Diagram 1 KeyedIn Konfigure Diagram 2

  • Long development cycles
  • Infrastructure cost and complexity
  • Technology and coding skills required
  • Bug fixing and testing is complex
  • Short development cycles
  • No infrastructure required
  • Business-driven rather than technology driven
  • Don't code. Configure.



Konfigure to Create Your Internal or Commercial Applications

  • Ability to build and deploy web applications with no coding .
  • Fast deployment with no infrastructure requirements or expenses.
  • Drag and drop modeling and design tools to rapidly define your processes.
  • Built-in workflow automation (BPM) to save you time and improve productivity.
  • Ability to easily track all development activity and process performance.
  • Email notifications to allow your team to instantly respond to process events based on circumstances like rule changes, exceptions, and escalations.
  • Quick and easy integration with existing databases, spreadsheets and systems, to enable speed and data accuracy. 
  • Extremely fast release cycles so your users can instantly reap the benefits of new features.
  • Leverage our Platform as a Service and avoid infrastructure complexities.

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