Quoting and Estimating

"Closing the loop on the estimating process has been huge. KeyedIn has allowed us to increase our margins by 20%."
Graphic House Inc.

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition provides sign manufacturers with one easy system through which they can simplify and accelerate the estimation process.

The cloud based sign estimating software allows you to enter all the information you need into the system. KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition can help you to increase efficiency, cut costs and increase revenue.

The easy to use system features lists of all sign types, formulates quote pricing, separates duties between sales and estimators and allows purchase orders to be generated. The KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition estimating module stores parts costs, routing step costs and assembly costs accurately and efficiently, helping you produce more comprehensive quotes for your business faster.

Job Costing

"Job costing in KeyedIn Solutions has been phenomenal."
- Indigo Signworks

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition includes an embedded job costing solution for sign manufacturers that provides real time cost tracking, allowing you to effectively manage your costs and keep track of your accounts. Designed for sign companies, the software gives you a total view of your company’s costing details, reducing your reliance on duplicate entries and significantly cutting operational costs.

Whether you need to access job costing, view a work order labor detail or deal with accounting and service projects, KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition can help your business save money and improve the overall efficiency of your business. 

Project Management

"Project Management with KeyedIn helps us avoid pre-build tasks from falling through the cracks."
- Graphic House Inc.

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition has a project module that manages tasks, workflows, departments, attachments, milestones, quotes, sales orders, work orders, purchase orders and site locations.  Each user sees their assigned project management milestones on an up-to-date dashboard the moment they login to the system, ensuring that no job falls through the cracks.


Having one system to manage all of the moving pieces can greatly reduce costly mistakes. Managing projects can be a non-event. As activities are completed, so are the milestones and events. This will reduce the need for employees to update outside systems like Excel, ultimately saving you money, while becoming more efficient.

Shop Floor

"The biggest factor in our decision making process was the Shop Floor Control... Having visibility into our shop floor production was huge."
- Creative Sign Designs

Improve the management of your sign shop floor with KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition. Removing the need for manual updating of information on the shop floor, our software will allow you to produce and schedule work orders automatically. Staff will be able to update timesheets on their mobile devices and clock in with minimal fuss using work stations.

The ability to regularly update shop floor information will benefit your business, allowing you to spot and then correct mistakes before its too late. KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition will improve the efficiency of your business and help improve profits as a direct result.


"KeyedIn allows us to be more customer service oriented."
- Johnson Sign Company

With KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition, your customer information can be accessed from a single, easy to use CRM platform, giving you the freedom to manage your various customers, vendors, and prospects while accessing marketing information and sales figures.

The CRM module will also help you improve your sales efficiency by encouraging much more centralized communication within your team. Manage emails, CAD files, create reports, and monitor marketing campaigns using our entirely cloud-based contact relationship management software.


"We love that KeyedIn's financial section does exactly what QuickBooks does...It's more convenient to have all the information in one spot." 
- Signlite, LLC

KeyedIn Manufacturing - Sign Edition offers a user-friendly and highly efficient system to improve the accounting process of your sign company. By using one system and database, costly errors can be greatly reduced, giving your staff more time to help your sign business run efficiently. KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition gives you the ability to create detailed usage audit reports and utilize your audit trail to maintain security and recover lost transactions.

Sign manufacturers can take advantage of a range of features including one step invoicing, an easy to modify invoicing system, automated email, real time job costing and several other key accounting procedures.

Reports and Analytics (Business Intelligence)

"One of the largest bottom line benefits has been margin driven data reports."
- Creative Sign Designs

If you need to create reports and analyze the finer details of your sign business, KeyedIn Manufacturing - Sign Edition can help. The Business Intelligence tool within KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition gives sign manufacturers the ability to use, create and publish reports, removing the necessity for expensive and often unreliable consultancy services.

KeyedIn Manufacturing- Sign Edition can help you save money and time by improving the standard and efficiency of your reporting and analytics, giving you all the information you need to take full control of your business in a timely manner.


"A year ago, I had no idea of knowing what my sales pipeline was - that alone is worth the cost of the solution."
- Graphic House Inc.

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition has been created to meet the unique needs of those working within the sign industry. Reducing the need for costly “work arounds”, the system provides your employees with one management tool to process a range of business transactions.

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition features many capabilities essential to those working in the sign industry, including the ability to automatically create deposit invoices from a proposal and the capacity to take a deposit and apply it to a sales order.


"The service report is outstanding. It's easy to read and shows us problems that can be addressed without delay."
- Luminous Neon Art & Sign Systems

Ensure your service team always has the right parts for the job with KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition. Using the KeyedIn Manufacturing service module your employees can access photos, CAD drawings, videos of the job sites they are working on and view the specific parts that have been used on a sign manufacturing project.

Looking into the finer details of a service job is easy and your installers will have access to the documents associated with a service ticket as well as the complete site history. All these features combine to give you a module that will save you money and time when completing important service jobs in your sign business.

Supply Chain

"KeyedIn has helped us gain efficiencies by allowing our employees to have access to information anywhere at anytime."
- Indigo Signworks

Exercise greater control over your inventory costs and monitor your sign business’s cash flow. With KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition you can make sure you never have to pay more than what is expected for a specific part.

Your purchasing team can take advantage of various reporting tools including inventory histories, purchase order history reports and part’s status inquiries. Access to these tools will provide users with the tools to further maximize profit and minimize loss, while giving you a greater overall control of your supply chain.

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