Apply Agile Principles to Your Portfolio

Whereas traditional portfolio management – the process of choosing which projects and programs to invest in amid limited resources – is typically associated with an annual budgeting process and is not very adaptable to changing business priorities, Agile Portfolio Management takes the Agile principles that have improved project execution and applies them to the top-down assessment of portfolio investments. Concepts like iterative development, continuous improvement, prioritising a dynamic backlog etc. when applied to portfolio management can deliver a host of compelling benefits.

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KeyedIn for Agile Portfolio Management

Deliver more value while gaining greater visibility and control with Agile Portfolio Management from KeyedIn.

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Place the Right Bets

For the PMO, ePMO or strategy realisation office (SRO), making the wrong investments can be very costly. With an Agile Portfolio Management solution from KeyedIn, portfolio leaders can be confident they are investing in the projects or products that have the biggest impact and drive the most value for the organisation.

Portfolio Scoring

Evaluate the merits of each project by scoring it against key metrics that you determine.

Strategic Alignment

Ensure that every portfolio project aligns with corporate or product strategy.

Benefits Management

Go beyond start and end dates by tracking the business value of portfolio investments.

Turn Quickly

The pace of change in business has never been faster, with new competitive threats and market opportunities emerging almost daily. An Agile Portfolio Management solution from KeyedIn enables portfolio leaders to quickly pivot budgets and resources when business priorities shift – and to embrace change rather than resist it.

Cross-Portfolio Insights

Create and analyse ad-hoc portfolios instantly using virtually any portfolio parameter.

Scenario Modelling

Compare multiple “what-if” scenarios to identify the most valuable combination of projects.

Dynamic Demand Modelling

Quickly simulate and then approve different resource demand scenarios at the portfolio level.

Deliver Faster

According to industry analyst Gartner, the #1 driver for adopting more Agile methods of portfolio management is a desire to deliver strategic projects faster. KeyedIn’s Agile Portfolio Management approach brings together every portfolio project, regardless of methodology, to support fast communication and timely decisions.

Portfolio Kanban

Gather and manage a wide variety of projects and products in one simple, visual Kanban interface.

Product Portfolio Management

Pivot to a product-centric model by managing roadmaps and value streams.

Jira Integration

Gain visibility into portfolio products regardless of the methodology or tool used for delivery.

How It Works

Explore the key elements of an Agile Portfolio Management solution.

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In simplest terms, a project is accomplished by completing a set of tasks within a specified period of time. A product, on the other hand, is delivered as customers receive specific, quantifiable and ongoing business value from the initiative.

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Most organisations feature pockets of project activity with no standard work methodology. KeyedIn closes that visibility gap by allowing customers to bring all projects, regardless of methodology, into a single portfolio, allowing timely and effective decision-making.

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The faster, iterative planning cycles of Agile Portfolio Management allow you to identify process inefficiencies more quickly to remove bottlenecks and become more responsive to stakeholder feedback.

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Without effective capacity planning, "organisations tend to overestimate the amount of capacity" they have, which extends the timeline of projects (Gartner). KeyedIn provides a simple, comprehensive view of resource capacity vs. demand.

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The flexible, adaptive timelines and dynamic prioritisation made possible by Agile Portfolio Management allow the most valuable projects or products to be delivered more quickly than ever before.

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In the past, delivering a project on time was a measure of success unto itself. Today, strategic projects/products must be couched in the value they deliver to the business. KeyedIn goes beyond tracking end dates to measure value realisation.

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Annual, or even quarterly, planning processes cannot easily account for the swift changes in strategy most companies encounter today. Agile Portfolio Management allows a backlog of key initiatives to be reprioritised as needed.

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The PMO’s internal business partners are more than just colleagues, they’re customers; and the faster planning cycles of Agile Portfolio Management allow you to more effectively address their changing needs to deliver ongoing value.

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Particularly with digital transformation initiatives, PMOs are being asked to move ahead despite very ambiguous goals and requirements. Agile Portfolio Management gives you the flexibility to innovate even when the path is unclear.

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Which Product is Right for You?

Explore What KeyedIn Has to Offer.

KeyedIn Enterprise

Connect strategy and execution with KeyedIn Enterprise, a portfolio planning tool that provides PMO and executive leadership with a robust solution for end-to-end project portfolio management, creating:
  1. Increased organizational agility
  2. Quicker time to market for projects and products
  3. Better ROI on projects and investments

Key Features Include:
All features included in KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios and KeyedIn Projects are included with KeyedIn Enterprise, plus support for third-party integrations to enable:
Predictive Analytics
IT Product Analysis
Advanced Reporting
AI & Machine Learning

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KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios

KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolio provides a strategic view of all projects and resources within your portfolio. Improve your PMO value contribution by enabling:

  1. Strategic alignment between the portfolio and business goals
  2. Insights and analytics from the top down
  3. Improved forecasting and planning

Key Features Include:
Portfolio-Level Kanban
Benefits Forecasting & Tracking
Portfolio Analysis & Scenario Modeling
Project Move
Dynamic Demand Modeling
Product Portfolio Management
Hierarchy & Roll-Ups
Forecasting & Budgeting
Resource Capacity Planning

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KeyedIn Projects

KeyedIn Projects automates project execution and delivery, simplifies resource management, and tracks time and expense to enable:

  1. Reduced cost and increased efficiency for project resources
  2. Improved resource utilisation across the organisation
  3. Visibility into project functions for executive reporting and analysis

Key Features Include:
Project Workflows
Project Intake & Scoring
Hierarchy & Roll-Ups
Forecasting & Budgeting
Key Deliverable & Dependency Tracking
Project Financial Management
Risk Management
Status Reporting

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Agile Portfolio Management in an Adaptive World

Hear from PMO leaders as they explore the challenges they are facing today and how they are overcoming those challenges by applying Agile principles to portfolio-level decision-making.

Discover How to Apply Agile Principles to Your Portfolio

Learn the importance of embracing Agile Portfolio Management in the PMO for a stronger business.