5 key tools to manage your business and projects more effectively

Author: Henry Bennett

Recently we caught up with one of our customers, a leading economic research and strategy consultancy to discuss what tools within KeyedIn Projects enabled them to maximise efficiency and target performance improvements.

In the past the consultancy found that it was over reliant on financial records to measure the success of its projects. They found it extremely difficult to analyse both team and business productively, monthly turnover and the effectiveness of any performance improving initiatives.

Although complex spreadsheets gave the company valuable project management information, our customer recalled the frustrations of various error messages and the loss of time having to update them.

To solve these problems the consultancy decided to implement our supremely flexible and multi-functional IT project management software. Our customer stated that five key tools have been fundamental with managing their projects and business more effectively.

  • The ability to calculate fixed fee and variable rates
  • Being able to easily record time and expense against a project
  • The simplicity of project planning, monitoring and forecasting
  • Ability to analyse information at departmental and business level
  • The flexibility when creating and changing reports

These tools were able to address the big issues the consultancy needed to resolve and has led to improved productivity across the whole business.