And Then There Was One

Shawn Dickerson

While the pandemic of 2020 slowed any major deal making in most markets, the PPM software space apparently missed the memo.

In less than three months, five players in the PPM space – Changepoint, Clarizen, Planview, Workfront and Wrike – were all acquired; and of those, only Planview appears it will remain independently focused solely on the PPM market, albeit through a conglomeration of disconnected acquired tools. So where does that leave project/portfolio management offices (PMOs) whose PPM solution has either left the space entirely or is now part of another company that may not be able to adequately support or advance its new products?

It leaves them with one of two paths: Ride out the post-M&A period of uncertainty, unanswered emails and unkept promises; or consider the last truly best-of-breed PPM solution left in the market: KeyedIn.

KeyedIn Who?

It’s alright if you’re not familiar with KeyedIn yet. While most of the vendors in Gartner’s PPM Magic Quadrant (among which KeyedIn has been included since 2017) have been busy buying or selling to competitors to turn a short-term profit, the KeyedIn team has been focused on serving our more than 200 global customers.

It’s the reason we were named a 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for PPM, a Top PPM Software Product by Crozdesk and a host of other accolades. It’s also the reason we keep attracting customer reviews like this:

“KeyedIn … is the best project portfolio management application I have ever used. My overall experience is excellent so far. It is very functional and easy to use. Implementation was also easy. It really works well for my company and helps keep our projects on point.”

Product Development Manager within Manufacturing

Why do customers like KeyedIn so much? Certainly, we offer a mature (20 years and counting) SaaS product with a host of compelling PPM capabilities for both strategic portfolio management and execution-focused project management, including portfolio analysis, capacity planning, scenario modeling, Gantt charts, resource assignments, time and expense tracking, and many more. But many PPM vendors offer similar features (at least they did, before they were acquired). What really sets KeyedIn apart are these five things: Powerful but affordable – We’re not beholden to a private equity firm that demands growth at the expense of service and sensible pricing. KeyedIn offers the power of a high-priced PPM tool without the high price tag. Software that actually gets adopted – KeyedIn features an easy-to-use interface that drives adoption.

Customers like Walgreens-Boots – currently with more than 2,000 users – have consistently cited the solution’s ease of use as a significant benefit. Professional services and customer support that creates a lasting partnership – The KeyedIn services and support team is among the best in the industry. Even industry analyst Gartner, in a recent PPM Magic Quadrant report, acknowledged that “customers give [KeyedIn] high marks for its high levels of personalized customer service and support.” Our vision for Agile Portfolio Management – With the rate of change in business only increasing, KeyedIn pioneered the concept of Agile Portfolio Management, which takes the Agile principles that have improved project execution and applies them to the top-down assessment of portfolio investments. Integrations – As a best-of-breed vendor, KeyedIn understands the need to play nicely with the software and services an organization already has in place – from Agile development tools like Jira to ITSM systems such as Cherwell.

But Changing is Hard

Yeah, it is. But it’s also worth it. The value a PMO – and the organization it supports – gains from a prioritized portfolio of projects that advances corporate strategy can be the difference between sinking or swimming when a company encounters sweeping technological, competitive or environmental change.

KeyedIn Makes It Easier

While there’s no getting around the hard work involved in migrating from an incumbent PPM tool to a better, more effective solution, KeyedIn does make it easier. First, we’ve partnered with Changefirst, a leading change management provider, to support the successful delivery of business initiatives, including the implementation of new PPM software. This partnership enables KeyedIn to offer Roadmap Pro, Changefirst’s SaaS-based platform for planning, delivering and tracking the people aspects of change. The product follows established best practices to help employees and other stakeholders embrace and implement organizational changes, such as new enterprise software. Second, if qualifying customers* have an existing contract with another PPM solution – such as Planview, Clarizen or Changepoint – they can implement and use KeyedIn for free until that contract expires.

Before you get stuck struggling with a PPM solution that no longer offers the support and product vision you’ve come to expect – or you’re forced to migrate to a solution you turned down the first time – visit us at

*To qualify, customers must meet these criteria:

  • Existing PPM contracts must have less than 6 months remaining.
  • The customer must be willing to sign a multi-year contract – at least 2 years – for KeyedIn.
  • Standard professional services fees for implementation apply and cannot be waived.