How Programme Management Solutions Stop Work Hoarding, Improve Delivery

Henry Bennett

Hoarding work—is part of the nature of the corporate animal. In organisations where a team is evaluated on numbers of billable hours, nobody wants to give that work up, even if it’s in the best interest of the company. Having the information that helps programme-level professionals realign resources and overcome territorial thinking means less downtime, faster project delivery, and more profit.

You can’t get back that week where your West Coast team was underutilised because their counterparts on the East Coast were overbooked and didn’t want to say so. The East Coast team’s actions are totally understandable. They want to stay busy and justify their importance to the organisation.

Resource usage across the entirety of the corporate organism isn’t their concern. This is why a programme-level project office, divorced from the turf concerns of departmental or regional teams, is so important.

Having a collective view of all your resources is the first step to maximising those resources. In the past, programme-level project people were reliant on cobbled-together solutions that involved lots of emails, phone calls, and trying to reconcile a composite view from multiple solutions (Sharepoint and Microsoft Project, for example). This could be a second career unto itself.

Now tracking project resource pitfalls from any number of interconnected projects is a one-view proposition. This means less time spent tracking down the critical data and more time making better decisions—like how to better allocate a project to Team B when Team A won’t be able to start it for six weeks. You’re the conductor of both high- and low-level project data that gives you the vision and authority to put the work where it can be done best. This includes seeing individual cost impact, for example, assigning a lower-level team member for a project that doesn’t require senior-level billing time. You’ve opened the door to cost savings, better margins and quicker delivery times.

You’ll also have a clearer picture of revenue one month out, two months out and even farther. While the East Coast team from our earlier hypothetical scenario may feel their turf is threatened, your clients will appreciate the faster delivery as idle or underutilised team members are put to good use. Because after all, better project performance across an organisation means better relationships and more profit. That’s something that anybody would like to share.

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