How Project and Portfolio Management Drives Better Executive Decisions on the Corporate Battlefield

Henry Bennett

There is a gripping scene in director Randall Wallace’s 2002 We Were Soldiers, which dramatizes the 1965 Battle for Ia Drang during the Vietnam War. Lt. Colonel Hal Moore (played by Mel Gibson) is a riveting portrait leader who can make tough decisions under extreme duress. In this telling scene, his unit is being overrun by a much larger North Vietnamese force. The battle raging just a few yards around him, Moore intently stands for a few precious seconds, bullets flying around him, while he makes a quick assessment of his unit’s ability to hold its position.

We hope that none of your leadership decisions feel as stressful as Moore’s were during that harrowing battle. Just the same, your company’s ability to compete depends largely on executives’ ability to get the visibility they need to drive better decisions in the clutch.

This is the key leadership benefit of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools: the methodology of project selection that ensures alignment with business strategy. Like Col. Moore, you may only have limited time to assess the health and viability of your company’s projects before having to make critical decisions.

That’s where KeyedIn Projects’ PPM features come in. Special projects and reports tabs for executives provide a real-time high-level view of project performance, resulting in the ability to make better decisions when it matters.

You can quickly access a project-by-project view and all relevant KPIs. Another click delivers project progress reports. Key data is collected and assembled in an instant. There are 100 pre-configured reports to choose from, or the report feature can be easily configured to provide just the key data you want. Access can easily be limited to the handful of key decision makers that you select, giving executives a powerful go-tool tool for strategic project management when decisions have consequences and time is at a premium. Follow the link to find out more about how KeyedIn Project’s project and portfolio management software empowers executives to drive better project selection and performance at the enterprise level.