Realising The Vision of Agile Portfolio Management

Matt Muldoon

KeyedIn launches v7.0 of its award-winning PPM solution

We are excited to formally announce the latest updates to our industry-leading Project Portfolio Management solution that is a major step forward in the advancement of our Agile Portfolio Management vision. With this new release, customers are empowered to place the right bets in their project evaluation and selection, turn quickly when priorities shift or changes need to be made, and deliver faster on their promises to the business. 

At KeyedIn, we have focused heavily on the concept of Agile Portfolio Management, and making this a reality for our customers. This concept of applying the same Agile principles that have long benefitted product managers and development teams can be applied to the portfolio of projects and allow Project Management Offices the same value to their respective business counterparts. With this new release, we have strategically enhanced key elements of our software to provide the required features and functions to help our customers achieve that goal and realize the benefits of Agile Portfolio Management. We have seen this in action and believe this is the future of portfolio management as we know it.

Integrated Agile Resourcing
A crucial aspect of Agile Portfolio Management is effective Resource Management. Getting the right people assigned to the right work at the right time is the cornerstone of project success, and increasing the agility of projects or products in flight subsequently increases the complexity of resource management and planning. 

With our last release, v6.5, we introduced the concept of integrated portfolio resourcing, effectively combining strategic demand planning with functional supply side resourcing for a 360° view of resources. Building on the success and feedback of this functionality, we have completed our Integrated Agile Resourcing now inclusive of:
  • Requesting and allocating resource teams (not just individuals) for projects
  • Forecasting views and updates based on real-time information and availability
  • Resourcing views to easily review and approve changes, save recent searches or filters, and drill down to see resources by type, availability, or location
  • Top-down planning with resource soft booking and allocation without the need for task assignment for enhanced capacity planning

Product-Focused Portfolio Management
Bringing agility to the portfolio level also requires leaders to understand their existing investments and be able to make decisions on what needs to be taken on, at any given time. With our addition of Portfolio Kanban in August 2018, we enabled customers to keep the backlog of requests prioritized and understand the impact of changing what is being worked on whether that happens at the beginning of a sprint, mid-flight, or as feedback after a cycle is completed. We have now doubled down on this benefit by partnering with CAST to provide a complete evaluation of not just projects and requests, but of software investments to provide an inclusive view of the total impact of digital assets. CAST provides objective metrics which can be integrated into KeyedIn’s Portfolio Analysis tool to assist in scoring and prioritising Products and Projects on a sound and logical basis.

With this partnership, you can quickly and objectively evaluate software products and services and become more strategic with your investments - right from your KeyedIn instance. 

Connecting project and product teams empowers customers to be Agile in their portfolio of projects, and go “all in” on the investments that matter most for the business.

20/20 Visibility with New Report Writer
Reporting might be the single most thing executives use software for and having visibility into what is being worked on, what the progress is, and the risk involved is invaluable. In this new version of KeyedIn, we have included new reporting functions, new report widgets, and the ability to embed custom and calculated data into reports.

Reporting is one of the key areas through which KeyedIn helps deliver on the value of Agile Portfolio Management, by providing the information to turn quickly and continuously improve the performance and outcomes of the PMO.

Here at KeyedIn, we are constantly striving to improve our products and provide our customers with best-in-class solutions. This latest version of our product and the introduction of our partnered solution with CAST is a huge step forward in helping PMOs become the transformation leaders and change agents within their organizations and bring to life a vision for their Agile organisation.
Watch the KeyedIn Projects v7.0 launch event and realize the vision of Agile Portfolio Management.