Digital transformation, tight budgets plus the need to deliver value outside of IT are all driving intense and disruptive change for PMOs. But can your existing PMO Software deliver the strategic focus you need to be more pragmatic and proactive?

It's time to adapt and deliver value. It's Time to Take your PMO to the Next Level!


Improving PMO Effectiveness

Empower your PMO to exceed

Most PMOs function as a reporting hub: the place where project information is gathered and collated so that the executive team can be provided with a clear and consistent view of the status of each project in the business. But while this approach brings some often much-needed discipline to project delivery, it means organisations are only realising a fraction of the PMO’s potential. Instead, consider putting all that rich information to wider use – applying and analysing the knowledge you now hold about individual projects to gain insights across the entire portfolio. With KeyedIn Projects, that’s exactly what you can do. KeyedIn Projects creates a single central store for all your project information, meaning your PMO can lead a wholesale transformation of the way projects are planned, managed and delivered, without requiring any further information to be gathered from the business.

Take a More Strategic Approach to Resource Management

Make more informed resourcing decisions

The more projects you’re delivering, the more complex resource management becomes. As individual project managers battle to get the right blend of skills and right level of staffing on each of their projects, it can often become a source of tension across the organisation. The PMO is ideally placed to lead a more strategic approach. KeyedIn Projects shows you which resources are available at any given moment, enabling you to allocate resources more effectively across the portfolio and take a more active role in planning upcoming work. Because KeyedIn Projects provides a real-time view of progress across all projects, it allows you to react not only faster but also smarter to inevitable changes in project schedules or scope. You can make informed decisions about how best to address change requests, re-prioritise projects or re-deploy resources.

Align the PMO with Corporate Goals

Become business outcome focused

In many organisations, one of the PMO’s core tasks is to assess each new opportunity against core business goals as part of project selection. KeyedIn Projects facilitates this process. It makes it easy for the PMO to create ballpark estimates and project timelines, so it can model the likely impact on resources, expected margin and potential risks.

Enable the PMO to Lead Change

Provide greater agility

Internal change programs are now an integral part of the business landscape. For these programs to succeed, they need to be both planned and executed with the same rigour and discipline as client-facing projects. That not only means ensuring planning and delivery are aligned, but also adopting effective governance. KeyedIn Projects enables the PMO to take control, providing crucial visibility into individual workstreams, deliverables, milestones and benefits, as well as potential resource conflicts between different initiatives. To support this, KeyedIn’s expert consultants can help identify relevant reporting processes and ensure projects are prioritised  in alignment with the overall business strategy. The result is that individual change projects can truly be managed as an overall change programme – increasing the chances of success.

Deliver Real Time Project Insights

Drive up project standards

KeyedIn Projects allows the PMO to see the status of all current and upcoming projects, as well as the status of the overall project portfolio. With detailed, real-time project information, the business can take action to increase performance, shorten delivery times and minimise cost risks. Ultimately, you can ensure that each project is delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Drive Improved Communication and Collaboration

Deliver business value

One of the fundamental functions of most PMOs is reporting to the board on projects and programs. But if your communication is only one way, you’re missing a trick. Because the PMO has such an insight into how projects are progressing, it is the ideal source of updates to the entire organisation – showcasing and celebrating success, from a key milestone reached to a project completed. This benefits not only the project team, but the whole business, creating a sense of ownership and unity: for the PMO, it means you’re associated not only with demanding answers, but delivering value too. With KeyedIn Projects, reporting is simple and standardised. You can develop your own templates for formal reports to key stakeholders, create user-friendly dashboards for those involved in the project, or simply provide regular, intuitive updates to the internal communications team.