Profile of Lauri Klaus, CEO and Founder of KeyedIn Solutions, Inc

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Lauri has the entrepreneurial mindset required to see opportunities that others miss combined with the chief executive skill set essential to making the most of every opportunity.

Lauri’s experience, know-how and goal-oriented tenacity come from 20 years at Epicor Software. Over this time span, she went from her first position to Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Services. In her EVP role, Lauri managed more than 1400 sales and services professionals worldwide and generated nearly 200M in annual revenue. She also excelled at leadership, ensuring global methodologies and standards across Epicor’s worldwide sales and consulting operations. Along with her team, Lauri led a joint approach, bringing together Epicor sales and authorised partners with the unifying mission to grow the channel and deliver unequaled value to customers worldwide.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that Lauri had never been a salesperson when asked to lead a sales team, especially one with a worldwide presence. Despite this, Lauri achieved amazing results with her vision and leadership style that embraced employees with good will, mutual respect and audacious goals.

In the first year under Lauri’s stewardship, sales achieved 130% of the budget while delivering over 800 new name logos and around 100M in licensed revenue. As for those 1400 sales and service professionals, that division went from losing money in a quarter to padding Epicor’s bottom line to the tune of 20M.

Vision. Execution. Empowered teams. Shared values. Breathtaking goals. These are the things that Lauri is known for, believes in and has built her career doing. Now it’s KeyedIn’s turn and Lauri is up to the challenge.