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Identifying the most valuable projects when an organization is faced with a finite budget and limited resources is essential to a project/portfolio management office’s (PMO’s) success. But once those decisions are made, effective project execution becomes paramount. While still important, most projects are no longer measured by start and end dates alone, but by the ongoing realisation of business benefits – which is why a maturing PMO needs a project portfolio management (PPM) solution that supports continuous delivery, allowing the team to contribute to strategic business value on an ongoing basis. KeyedIn Projects is an adaptive project management software solution which enables that continuous delivery through a rich feature set that centralises all of the PMO’s projects, tasks, resources and reports in one easy-to-use system.

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Discover KeyedIn Projects

As part of the KeyedIn suite of cloud-based project, program and portfolio management solutions, KeyedIn Projects eliminates the most common challenges associated with project executon and resource management.

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Project Governance

Provide your PMO with insight, governance and control across all your active projects. With KeyedIn Projects you can ensure each initiative is delivered swiftly and efficiently, as well as in accordance with the company policies and past lessons learned that provide the greatest chance for success.

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Project Intake

Gather all the information needed to assess and plan projects the first time using custom forms.

Approval Workflows

Ensure projects garner the internal support needed for proper execution through configurable workflows.

Risk & Issue Management

Track, manage and resolve risks and issues associated with portfolio projects.

Project Planning and Tracking

Establish a single system of engagement for the status and progress of all projects, regardless of the work methodology being used. In addition to this comprehensive visibility, KeyedIn Projects also gives your PMO a consistent approach to planning and tracking all tasks and assignments.

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Project Templates

Leverage pre-configured templates to create project plans that are effective and flexible.

Gantt Charts

Track a project’s critical path and key dependencies through rich and interactive Gantt charts.

Task Tracking

Manage the assignment of projects tasks, as well as associated deadlines, updates and issues.

Project Resource Management

Track resources by name, role and skillset, and quickly assign them to project tasks. KeyedIn Projects gives your PMO and resource managers comprehensive visibility into resource allocation and utilization to ensure the right people are assigned to the right work at the right time.

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Resource Allocation

See where all your project resources are assigned and what tasks have been prioritised.

Resource Scheduling

Select the right resource by name, role or skillset and schedule them with a drag-and-drop interface.

Resource Utilization

Ensure some resources aren’t sitting idle while others are overscheduled with visual utilisation tracking.

Project Management

Once the most valuable projects in your portfolio have been identified, use KeyedIn Projects to execute them quickly and efficiently. With a system that addresses the entire project execution lifecycle – from intake to assignment to completion – your PMO will stay on time and on budget.

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Project Visibility

See project tasks, assignments, risks, issues, assumptions, decisions, changes, lessons and more.

Project Progress

Track the progress of all portfolio projects in real time, and then drill down to learn more.

Project Collaboration

Communicate with project teams and post updates through an easy-to-use social interface.

Time and Expense Tracking

Capture users’ time and project expenses to develop an accurate view of the effort behind a project; to drive internal cross charging; or to inform external billing. KeyedIn Projects makes time and expense entry – as well as approval – simple, and allows you to attach T&E at the project or task level.

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Mobile Apps

Manage tasks, view reports, and track time and expenses through iOS and Android apps.


Gather all time submissions into a single view for quick and efficient review and approval.

Accounting Integration

Keep project expenses within KeyedIn, or share the data by integrating your accounting software.

Dashboards and Analytics

Access all of the data related to your portfolio projects in once place – from budgets and expenses to tasks and time tracking – using custom dashboards and a powerful self-service reporting engine. KeyedIn Projects gives your PMO the insight to demonstrate value and always keep improving.

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Project Dashboards

Translate project plans into actionable insights with easy-to-use, configurable dashboards.

Self-Service Reporting

Get the data and insight you need without an admin’s help using a reporting wizard.

Automated Status Updates

Create status reports that are emailed to stakeholders at regular intervals.


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KeyedIn Enterprise

Connect strategy and execution with KeyedIn Enterprise, a portfolio planning tool that provides PMO and executive leadership with a robust solution for end-to-end project portfolio management, creating:
  1. Increased organizational agility
  2. Quicker time to market for projects and products
  3. Better ROI on projects and investments

Key Features Include:
All features included in KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios and KeyedIn Projects are included with KeyedIn Enterprise, plus support for third-party integrations to enable:
Predictive Analytics
IT Product Analysis
Advanced Reporting
AI & Machine Learning

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KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios

KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolio provides a strategic view of all projects and resources within your portfolio. Improve your PMO value contribution by enabling:

  1. Strategic alignment between the portfolio and business goals
  2. Insights and analytics from the top down
  3. Improved forecasting and planning

Key Features Include:
Portfolio-Level Kanban
Benefits Forecasting & Tracking
Portfolio Analysis & Scenario Modeling
Project Move
Dynamic Demand Modeling
Product Portfolio Management
Hierarchy & Roll-Ups
Forecasting & Budgeting
Resource Capacity Planning

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KeyedIn Projects

KeyedIn Projects automates project execution and delivery, simplifies resource management, and tracks time and expense to enable:

  1. Reduced cost and increased efficiency for project resources
  2. Improved resource utilisation across the organisation
  3. Visibility into project functions for executive reporting and analysis

Key Features Include:
Project Workflows
Project Intake & Scoring
Hierarchy & Roll-Ups
Forecasting & Budgeting
Key Deliverable & Dependency Tracking
Project Financial Management
Risk Management
Status Reporting