4 Simple Tips for exceeding customer expectation through improved project management

Author: Henry Bennett

As a project management organisation you never ever want to be lagging behind your clients’ demands. You never want them really to be chasing you for tasks that are overdue, updates you haven’t yet supplied or to be really brutal -- promises you haven’t kept.

What you actually want is to deliver better than promised or – to put it another way – to be perceived as delivering better than promised.

Here are four simple tips for exeeding customer expectations:

1. Tight Coordination 

So you need very tight coordination within your company across all the people and all the elements involved in each project stage, from internal resources to bought-in specialist services, from one-off inputs to sequential deliverables supplied by others each of which depends on completion of a previous stage. Project management software gives you coordination capabilities that link everything together and show you what has to happen at each stage before each subsequent stage starts, who’s behind on delivering what, who needs chasing, what needs expediting.

2. Synergy

It creates synergies by giving you the visibility you need to run certain tasks in parallel across projects – for example you might be pulling in research to assist on one project that can equally well serve the needs of another project. When situations like this arise, flagged up through project collaboration and knowledge sharing, it puts you ahead of schedule since you can deliver faster by leveraging insights across the whole company -- what you need is already there, stored in a central knowledge base accessible by all.

3. Insight

Harness expereience as needed

4. Progress

Make every project goal a  high-profile landmark