5 key benefits of streamlining your project management processes

Author: Henry Bennett

At our recent annual user conference in London, we had the pleasure of going for dinner with one of our customers from the transportation industry. Usually, a wait of almost an hour for main courses would be highly frustrating; especially on an empty stomach, but on this occasion, it gave us a great opportunity to understand how cloud-based project management software had helped their business.

In the past, the company had no generic project management software in place and they were finding their existing systems and internal processes too cumbersome and time-consuming. After shortlisting various project management solutions, they decided to implement KeyedIn Projects to streamline their internal processes. They found the solution was not only easy to use but also easy to roll out due to the flexible nature.

Since its implementation the customer explained that the five key benefits of streamlining their project management processes were:

  • A clearer view of the business through the capability to monitor all projects within a single solution
  • Improved time and cost efficiency
  • A greater ability to identify any risks and troubleshoot them before they develop
  • Better decision making as they can view all key information in one place and in real time
  • Increased employee collaboration across departments

To find out more about how we work with this transportation giant, download the free Case Study here!