Best Practices to Manage Resource Capacity Planning

Author: Henry Bennett

When resources aren’t utilised effectively for maximum project execution, a company can face losses in time and money just to get things done. Effectively managing resources can change an organisation’s ability to be profitable.

Here are a few best practice tips to help you manage resource capacity planning more effectively:

  • Streamline Resource Demand Planning – Different projects call for different levels of resource demand, and it is crucial for executives to have the visibility to make changes when they see fit. Without being able to see project resources in real-time, valuable time and money could be lost.
  • Optimize Resource Allocation – When resource allocation is optimized, the right people are working on the right projects, avoiding incomplete or late projects. It allows mangers to strategically assign resources for efficient project completion.
  • Real-time view of resource utilisation levels – Project managers are empowered with dashboards that give real-time status updates of projects and resource allocation to visually track the need for project or resource changes based on time and budget constraints.
  • Drive team collaboration – One solution to centralise all project information is important for team collaboration and communication. The solution makes for easy sharing of project related tasks and status reports for the ultimate collaboration station.

Start managing your resources with these practices, and see the difference in efficiency and profitability. For more information on managing resource capacity planning, click here.