With PSA Alls A-OK


Perhaps no other business category is more hindered or rewarded by its people than professional services. They’re people businesses – from securing the work to final delivery and billing , it’s human beings handling the heavy lifting.

Other sectors are afforded benefits of increasing automation. It’s part blessing, with the balance cursed, and has been trending since the industrial revolution. For service organisations, tools for prospecting, research, creation and delivery have benefitted by automation. And it’s people at the wheel guiding strategy and the ultimate success of each.

Professional services automation (PSA) is the most enabling of the available tools , allowing organisations to align their firm’s goals, resources (people) and deliverables. The automation is facilitated via a Cloud-based programme providing what’s most elusive – control. The key is thorough visibility of each project in the portfolio, enabling:

  • Maximised risk management, both with the company’s objectives and with each project
  • Optimized use of in-house and contracted talent, consistently deployed most strategically maximising productivity and profitability
  • Centralised, concentrated financial management of each project of each client, ultimately benefiting the firm

Back to visibility: with PSA a business can plan project selection and align needed resources based on open access to people’s capabilities and availabilities. Over (or under) utilisation risks are abated.

It starts with real-time tracking of all current and upcoming project commitments per client. With calendar views, staff and contractor commitments and availability are visible for organisation-wide optimization.

Tracking each staffer’s billable hours keeps financials focused per project. The firm’s staff know where they are versus client estimates and company P&L goals, as does management, who can reallocate where needed to manifest consistent profitability.

Not all mechanicals are beneficial to humans. Thankfully for professional service organisations, PSA is decidedly people promoting, for profitable service delivery.

Watch this short 3 minute video to find out more.

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