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KeyedIn Projects Offers Unrivalled Configuration in the Cloud

For many the term SaaS equates to a lack of configuration. With KeyedIn Projects this isn't the case. Designed and built specifically for SaaS, at KeyedIn Projects we specifically set out to create one of the most configurable cloud based project and portfolio management solutions available.  We have achieved this by providing a quick and easy to use out the box solution, with a number of configurable features designed to help you tailor your system to your exact business needs. This means you can start small and fast with our quick start solution, or work with our KeyedIn Excellence Team to fully capture your requirements and configure KeyedIn Projects to support your existing business processes.

Create Unlimited Custom Fields

KeyedIn Projects offers the ability to quickly tailor the solution to your exact business needs. Custom fields can quickly be added in multiple formats including common formats such as text, numeric and keyword lists - but for more complex requirements calculated fields, measures and SQL lookups are also available for permitted users.

Create your own Configurable Dashboards

KeyedIn Projects provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. With KeyedIn Projects you can create your own analytics dashboards and widget to ensure all project stakeholders have real-time information critical to their role in project delivery.

Fully Multi-Currency Enabled

KeyedIn Projects is fully Multi-Currency enabled. If you need to track costs and expenditure in multiple-currencies, or have a globally disperse team, its quick and easy to switch on with a single click.

Multi-Lingual with 13 Pre-Configured Languages

KeyedIn Projects also provides multi-lingual capabilities straight out-of-the-box with 13 pre-defined languages ready for use.

Easily Configure your Own Project Lifecycle

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily configure your own project lifecycle to ensure users follow a pre-defined path, when initiating, planning, executing and managing projects.

Configure and Track your Own KPIs

For more complex implementations where specific KPIs need to be configured and tracked, KeyedIn Projects enables you to create your own measures and executive dashboards to ensure you have the visibility you need.

Easily Extend KeyedIn Projects with Action Views

With Action Views you can easily extend the functionality of KeyedIn Projects to support your unique business needs. Whether you wish to track opportunities, feature requests or helpdesk tickets - actions views can be used to configure new functionality or extend existing views to further meet your individual business needs.

Build Out your Individual Business Processes

KeyedIn Projects lets you create your own bespoke processes to support your individual business needs. Simply define the data, steps and approval stages and you are ready to go.