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Ensure your Products, Services and Systems are Delivered On-Time

KeyedIn Projects provides real-time visibility and control over your organisation’s key deliverables; rolled-up or drilled-down to any pre-configured organisational level. More importantly, it provides real-time information on the status of these deliverables. Are they on time? Have they been moved? Who moved them? Why were they moved? With our top-down project portfolio management software, executive visibility and influence over project delivery has never been simpler.

Enhance your Strategic Planning Process

KeyedIn Projects adds structure to your strategic planning process by focusing your project stakeholders on the purpose and goal of the project. With configurable project life cycle management capabilities, KeyedIn Projects ensures all deliverables go through the appropriate approval stages, ensuring your client or stakeholder receives their desired goal at the conclusion of the project.

Improve Executive Insight into Key Project Deliverables

With KeyedIn Projects you can define at which level in the project hierarchy deliverables can be viewed. This allows you to reduce the volume and focus on more important deliverables as you progress up from project to programme and company levels, enabling senior management to focus on the bigger picture while project staff manage the detail.

Easily Support Project Change

With KeyedIn Projects understanding the impact of project change is quick and easy. Our unique functionality keeps a full audit trail of any changed, rescheduled or dropped deliverables - ensuring there is complete visibility and knowledge of the impact of change across the entire project team as well as key project stakeholders.

Simplify the Management of Cross-Project Dependencies

KeyedIn Projects makes the process of creating and managing cross-project dependencies easy without the need for, or affecting the structure of task based plans. Simply define the relationships between deliverables in different projects and KeyedIn Projects will provide the visibility and control you need to make informed decisions.

Easily Analyse the Status of Deliverables

KeyedIn Projects provides multiple views to understand the status of every deliverable. From configurable dashboards and user-defined project status reports, through to cross-project Gantt style views, deliverable status is immediately obvious from colour-coded views highlighting completed, dropped, open, overdue and provisional deliverables.