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Deliver On-Time, On-Budget, Profitable Projects

From building budgets and forecasts at any level within your project hierarchy, through to accurately costing projects based on your task-based plans - KeyedIn Projects ensures you remain in complete control of your project financials. Built from the ground up to simplify the management of your people, deliverables, and costs, our cost-conscious project portfolio management software is ideal for any organisation looking to maximise your return from your project portfolio.

Standardise Project, Programmeme and Portfolio Based Financial Forecasting

KeyedIn Projects financial forecasting features provide the ability to easily forecast all project costs. From summarising the cost of all resource demand and planned expenditure, KeyedIn Projects quickly provides an overall forecast or budget at the project, programme or portfolio level.

Drive Project Success through Accurate Project and Programmeme Budgeting

Accurately costing and managing the budget of your projects and programmes is essential to project success. From the simple creation of time, cost, revenue and effort budgets to comprehensive financial forecasting features, KeyedIn Projects facilitates the most basic to the complex project budgeting requirements.

Gain Real Time Visibility into the Financial Glide Path of Projects, Programmemes and Portfolios

KeyedIn Projects enables organisations to understand their financial glide path in real-time. Through close integration between KeyedIn Projects and your finance system, organisations can compare operational forecasts with actual project costs and planned future project expenditure to gain an accurate, up to date picture of their proposed financial glide path.

Streamline Contract Management and Billing

Easily manage time and materials, fixed price, capped, milestone, advanced and repeat billing. Plus, intuitive billing alerts ensure you have complete visibility of how and when your projects and services should be billed, improving cash-flow and driving profitability.

Improve Cash Flow through Automating Project Invoicing

KeyedIn Projects seamlessly automates the time and expense billing process, through the implementation of fixed-price, milestone, capped, advanced and time and materials billing. Intuitive billing alerts coupled with Billing dashboards ensure timely and accurate billing.