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Easily manage time and materials, fixed price, capped, milestone, advanced and repeat billing.

KeyedIn® Projects – Contract Management and Billing software puts you in complete control of the project and service billing process. Intuitive billing alerts ensure you have complete visibility of when and how your projects and services should be billed enabling you to significantly reduce billing errors, improve cash-flow and drive profitability.

Create Multiple Billing Contracts per Project

KeyedIn Projects lets you create and store all of the contracts associated with each of your projects to fully automate your billing process.

Add Multiple Contract Lines

Contract Lines let you track every detail of your project from fixed price, repeat, time and materials, capped or deliverables based billing.

Time and Expenses per Contract

KeyedIn Projects lets you quickly and efficiently allocate time and expenses to your billing contracts, letting you analyse work in progress, deferrals and write offs, as well as providing great supporting material throughout the billing process.

Time and Materials Contracts

Easily create contract lines to represent any time and materials work on your projects. Add estimated values so you can easily budget potential revenue on a project.

Capped Contract Lines

KeyedIn Projects enables you to easily cope with client demands to cap the amount of time and expenses billed within a period. Set caps and easily differ or write off any additional time and expenses.

Deliverables Based Contract Lines

KeyedIn Projects lets you easily link contract lines to deliverables enabling you to automatically trigger billing alerts as deliverables are completed on the project.

Repeat Contracts

If you have repeat contracts such as retainers or subscriptions, KeyedIn Projects lets you easily create repeat contracts which automatically trigger billing alerts on specific dates.

Fixed Price Contract Lines

KeyedIn Projects lets you easily handle all of your fixed price billing contracts. Whether your entire project is fixed price or specific elements, KeyedIn Projects lets you quickly define the contract line you need, as well as allocate time and expenses to analyse profitability.

Track Multiple Purchase Orders

KeyedIn Projects lets you track all of the purchase orders associated with your project contracts including any contract extensions. Ensuring your project team has centralised access to purchase orders and their details.