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Accurately costing and managing the budget of your project is essential to project success.

The comprehensive financial management, project costing and budgeting features of KeyedIn® Projects puts you in complete control of your project financials. From the simple creation of time, cost, revenue and effort budgets to comprehensive financial forecasting features, KeyedIn Projects offers a project budgeting software solution from the most basic to complex requirements.

Create simple Time, Cost, Expenditure and Revenue Budgets

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily create simple time, cost and revenue budgets to track your project performance against.

Create Overall Project Budgets, Activity Based or Role Based Budgets

Budgets can easily be created for a specific project, a specific activity within a project or a specific role, such as the amount of Consultancy expected on a project.

Quickly Create Budgets from Project Plans

A simple wizard enables you to quickly create an overall budget and any role based budgets directly from your project plan.

Understand Budget Status – Track Budget Versus Actuals

KeyedIn Projects tracks actuals based on your timesheet and expense entries and compares them to your budgeted values. The system supports the comparison of time, costs, revenue and expenditure.

Create Financial Forecasts based on Resource and Expenditure requirements

For organisations with more complex budgeting requirements or those that need to assess financial and resource capability, KeyedIn Projects provides the ability to easily forecast your demand for resource and your planned expenditure.

Implement Business Level Top Down Budgeting

KeyedIn Projects supports enterprise level budgeting enabling you to directly input budgets allocated to specific business areas, strategies, initiatives or programmes.

Roll up Project and Programme Forecasts using Bottom Up Budgeting

For more advanced budgeting requirements, KeyedIn Projects enables you to create budgets from your financial forecasts. Budgets can be automatically calculated based on your resource demand and planned expenditure.

Analyse Budget Performance by comparing Planned, vs. Actual vs. Forecast

KeyedIn Projects puts you in complete control of your financial performance. Comprehensive financial management features enable you to easily compare budgets, actuals and forecasts in both a graphical and tabular format.

Manage Multiple Budget Versions – Approve and Baseline Budgets

KeyedIn Projects provides the ability to create multiple financial forecasts and budgets to explore different financial and resourcing scenarios. To enable comparison, forecasts and budgets can have multiple statuses including unapproved, approved, live and base-lined.

Understand the Impact of Change – Compare and Analyse Forecasts and Budgets

KeyedInProjects enterprise Project Portfolio Management functionality provides comprehensive financial management and scenario modelling capabilities, enabling you to create multiple financial forecasts to analyse the impact of change.