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In today’s competitive business environment, it is no longer acceptable for organisations to carry out once a year planning. They need to be more flexible, with the ability to adjust as business needs and environmental conditions change.

Many organisations, however, struggle to make this reality, facing challenges in collecting and consolidating budget data mainly because traditional budgeting software assumes a static business environment or consists of non-integrated legacy systems. To have real value, a budget must be a living plan that can be continually revised and updated in response to market changes. A budget that takes three months to prepare will almost certainly be out dated and irrelevant by the time it is rolled out, wasting countless business cycles in the process.

Standardise Project, Programme and Portfolio based Financial Forecasting

KeyedIn® Projects financial forecasting software features provide you with the ability to easily forecast all project costs. From summarizing all resource demand cost and all planed expenditure. KeyedIn Projects quickly provides an overall forecast or budget at the project, programme or portfolio level.

Drive Project Success through Accurate Project and Programme Budgeting

Accurately costing and managing the budget of your projects and programmes is essential to project success. From the simple creation of time, cost, revenue and effort budgets to comprehensive financial forecasting features, KeyedIn Projects facilitates the most basic to the complex project budgeting requirements.

Support Top Down and Bottom Up Project Budgeting

With KeyedIn Projects executives can create top-down budgets and “push down” budget allocations to lower levels of the organisation. Line managers and department heads can create budgets and submit them for approval. All involved in the budgeting and planning process benefit by spending less time and effort in collecting and managing information and more time analysing impact and results.

Easily Track Actual Time, Cost, Revenue and Expenditure

Through links to the employee timesheet and expenses, KeyedIn Projects allows you to easily track your actual expenditures vs. planned. An intuitive financial management dashboard enables you to analyse expenditure across any date range and up to 10 project levels.

Real Time Visibility into the Financial Glide Path of Projects, Programmes and Portfolios

KeyedIn Projects enables organisations to understand their financial glide path in real-time. Through close integration between KeyedIn Projects and the finance system, organisations can compare operational forecasts with actual project costs and planned future project expenditures to gain an accurate, up to date picture of their proposed financial glide path.