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KeyedIn® Projects provides a comprehensive tool for planning and tracking all project and service related costs.

Fully integrated project planning, project forecasting, billing, contract management and budgeting functionality ensures KeyedIn Projects gives project managers the ability to easily forecast project time, effort and cost as well as track budget progress and performance. Quick and easy to use with comprehensive dashboards and reporting capabilities, KeyedIn Projects provides the perfect solution to improve project cost control and visibility.

Forecast Resource Costs

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily forecast the potential resource costs of a project by inputting your resource demand, by role, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Forecast Planned Expenditure

Easily map out any potential expenditure on your projects. Quickly add planned expenditure by expenditure type, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Create Forecasts from Project Plans

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily create your forecasts based on any roles or resources assigned to your task based project plans.

Create Project Specific Rate Cards

KeyedIn Projects provides flexible billing options. Project specific rate cards allow you to adjust daily or hourly rates to account for any discounts or uplifts agreed with your customers on a role by role basis.

Create Budgets

In addition to KeyedIn Projects basic budgeting capabilities, Budgets can also easily be created from your resource and expenditure forecasts using a simple wizard.

Create Billing Contracts

KeyedIn Projects includes comprehensive contract management and billing functionality , enabling you to create contract lines for every aspect of your project. This ensures you have an accurate picture of projected revenue at every stage of the project.

Track Time, Cost and Revenue

KeyedIn Projects enables you to track the accuracy of your project costing. Simple time and expense capture enables you to easily measure the actual time, cost, expenditure and revenue associated with your projects.