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KeyedIn® Projects provides a comprehensive range of reports, dashboards and alerts, allowing you to standardise project status reporting across your organisation.

Reduce administration times and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your project management process by providing all stakeholders with a clear and consistent method of creating, submitting and reviewing project status reports.

Quickly View the Status of Projects

KeyedIn Projects provides a consolidated overview of the status of each of the projects you manage as well as a full archive of all project status reports submitted for each project or programme.

Alert to Enter New Reports

Never miss the submission of another project status report. KeyedIn Projects alerts you when a new status report is required for submission and clearly identifies the age of the last previously submitted report.

Update Resource, Budget and Financial Status

KeyedIn Projects consolidates all of your project data into a comprehensive project status report. Project managers are requested to provide an update on the financial, resource and delivery status of the project to support the underlying data. This ensures you have 2 measures of status, what the system says, and what your project manager says.

Submit Reports to the Archive

Create a snapshot of Project Status at any point in time. Submit and Archive Project Status Reports in PDF format for future analysis.

View a full project status archive

Get a complete picture of project status throughout the lifecycle of your projects. Easily view and filter all project status reports submitted for a specific project.

View a Consolidated Report of all Project Data

Project Status reports automatically archive all data on the project dashboard, providing a clear picture of project status in a non-editable PDF format.