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Make the Most Effective Use of your Most Valuable Asset - Your Resources

KeyedIn Projects enables you to make more effective use of your resource pool. Designed to be one of the most easy to use project portfolio management solutions available, KeyedIn Projects provides complete visibility and control over every resource in your organisation at every stage of the entrie project lifecycle, from resource demand and capacity planning, through to resource scheduling and utilisation analysis.

Improve your Overall Resource Management

With KeyedIn Projects you can effectively deploy the best resources to the highest earning projects, while achieving an equitable balance between resource supply and project demand - a necessity in today’s business environment for delivering profitable projects.

Streamline Resource Demand Planning

Through KeyedIn Projects' intuitive dashboards, executives can gain a real-time view of resource capabilities, enabling them to easily identify any resource shortfalls and to make critical go, kill and hold decisions based on accurate resourcing data. Comprehensive forecasting and project financial management capabilities let you pull together resource demand and expenditure forecasts in a few easy click.

Optimise Resource Allocation

Gain full visibility into the overall allocation of resources on all of your projects or programmes, allowing users to easily analyse the demand, supply and resource assignments for each project or programme.

Maximise Resource Utilisation Levels

KeyedIn Projects allows management to be continuously aware of resource utilisation levels, giving project managers the ability to make critical decisions based solely on real-time data.

Drive Team Collaboration

Achieve optimum productivity and efficiency with KeyedIn Projects. As a cloud-based application, your organisation can collabourate on any project, using any device, keeping the whole business in sync.