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Effectively deploy the best resources to the highest earning projects with KeyedIn Projects.

Achieving an equitable balance between resource supply and project demand is a significant issue in today’s business environment. The greatest problem for many is that they rely on home-grown systems or numerous spread sheets in an attempt to achieve balance. Such systems simply can´t stand the test of time and eventually hamper, rather than help to see a composite accurate resourcing picture. With KeyedIn Projects, you will gain complete visibility and control over your entire resource pool.

Manage Skills and Qualifications

KeyedIn Projects enables you to create a central repository of all of the skills and qualifications associated with your resources, enabling you to analyse capability, and quickly allocate work to the correct resources.

Approve Skills

Ensure Skills Profiles are up-to date and Approved with KeyedIn Projects intuitive skills approval framework. Resources can also let you know which skills they prefer to use and are most proficient in.

Configure Roles and Teams

Keep an accurate record of your most valuable assets – your resources. Easily allocate roles to resources to help analyse capability, as well as group resources into teams and departments.

Resource Grading (Cost/Charge Rates based on Grade)

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily assign cost and charge rates to your employees based on grade or role. In addition, charge rates can easily be varied on different projects to accommodate different rate cards or discounts.

Specify Working Time Calendars

KeyedIn Projects supports all of your different geographies or working time agreements. Intuitive working time calendars let you specify different working patterns to ensure you have an accurate picture of resource capability.

View Resource Demand

With KeyedIn Projects you can see a complete overview of your resource demand, capability and allocations enabling you to easily assess the impact of your entire workload on your ability to delivery.

Time Management

KeyedIn Projects enables you to keep track of your employee’s productivity and utilisation via a simple and easy to use “business focused” timesheet.

Time Off Management

Keep track of all time off activities such as vacation, sickness, maternity and paternity. Easily create budgets to track holiday allowances or flexitime accruals.