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Ensure your Project Team is More Empowered, Better Prepared and Works Smarter

KeyedIn Projects puts you in complete control of your project and service delivery. Intuitive work management features provide your project managers with the control and visibility they need over project delivery while simplifying everyday admin for project teams, helping your entire project organisation to work smarter, faster, learn more and develop.

Simplify Timesheet Management

KeyedIn Projects automates the entry, tracking, billing and reporting of time across the organisation. The system offers a comprehensive range of features and functionality that is suitable for both small businesses and global organisations. Time can be entered at Client, Project, Activity, Task and Assignment level ensuring Project Managers have a real time visibility of project progress and budget performance, while Finance can reduce billing errors and improve cash flow.

Automate the Expense Management Process

KeyedIn Projects provides organisations with a disciplined approach to managing expenses, ensuring all project expenditure is captured and recharged efficiently and effectively. Quick and easy to use, and highly configurable, KeyedIn Projects supports basic through to the most complex of expense management requirements. See how KeyedIn Projects Mobile App simplifies the input and reimbursement of expenses.

Quickly and Easily Resolve Customer Issues

KeyedIn Projects provides you with a central repository to log all of your projects’ issues, and all of the tools you need to effectively resolve issues and communicate resolution plans with your project team members - delivering a better service to your clients and consumers.

Drive Improved Utilisation through Easy to Use Resource Scheduling

Quick and easy to use, KeyedIn Projects provides you with multiple scheduling views that enable you to schedule resources, analyse utilisation, schedule resource requests, manage conflicts and easily analyse resource capability.

Automate your Time Billing Processes

With KeyedIn Projects you can seamlessly automate the time and expense billing process through the implementation of fixed price, milestone, capped, advanced and time and materials billing. KeyedIn Projects helps you improve cash flow and reduce client billing cycles by ensuring your project managers and finance team have real-time visibility by project, by how much should be billed, how much has been billed and when it should be billed.

Benefit from Real Time Project Collaboration

Allow members of your organisation to communicate and collabourate, no matter where they are in the world or what device they use. Improved cohesion allows creativity, better delivery and a smoother project lifecycle.