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Empower your Mobile Workforce – access KeyedIn Projects on the move via your Smartphone or Tablet

The KeyedIn Projects Mobile app enables users to access and gather critical project information via smartphones or tablets. Ideal for people working on the move, the app enables timesheets and expenses to be entered via Wi-Fi or GSM when it’s convenient for you, not when you get your laptop connected. The app can also help with your task assignments, providing a plan of your upcoming workload with handy links to related contacts via telephone, SMS or email as well as directions to the customer site through Google Maps. Security is inherited from your host KeyedIn Projects site, so you just need your standard credentials to use the app. All relevant and authorized projects, assignments, clients, activities and expense types will be synchronized automatically as you need them.

Access all Mobile features from an Intuitive Home Screen

The KeyedIn Projects Mobile App lets you easily access your timesheet, expense, task and contact details via an intuitive home screen. With security inherited from the KeyedIn Projects platform, and data automatically synchronized - capturing vital project data on the go has never been easier for your mobile workforce.

Quickly Capture Timesheets against Projects, Activities, Assignments and Tasks

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily capture your timesheets on the go. The mobile app provides the same level of functionality as the full SaaS product, enabling you to enter time against projects, activities and tasks, as well as specify time as chargeable and/or overtime, and capture any relevant notes.

Intuitive Expense Entry with Multi-Currency Support

The KeyedIn Projects mobile app provides comprehensive expense entry functionality including full multi-currency support. Easily enter expenses against the appropriate project, expense type and flag if chargeable.

Easily Submit Expenses for Reimbursement

With the KeyedIn Projects mobile app you can easily select which expense you wish to submit for reimbursement. Once submitted expense claims can be approved and accepted through the KeyedIn Projects SaaS application.

Easily View your Task Assignments

Keep in touch with your project commitments at all times. The KeyedIn Projects mobile app provides easy access to your project task assignments. Learn more about KeyedIn Projects comprehensive project management and task management features.

Easily Access Contact Information

With the KeyedIn Projects Mobile app you have instant access to contact information, enabling you to drill into maps and automatically call contacts.