KeyedIn Projects v5.6 – See the simplified Security Model with the introduction of new permission types for project managers and line managers!

Author: Henry Bennett

In the 5.6 release we have simplified the Security Model with the introduction of new permission types for project managers and line managers. The Task Planning functionality has been extended with several new features including the ability to Plan in Hours. The report writer capabilities have been improved with the introduction of Combination Reports, which allow you to combine multiple reports into a single output. The Home Screen has been enhanced with the ability to sort and group your current work list. A whole host of other improvements have also been delivered.

Combination Reports

Combine multiple reports into a single output with the introduction of the Combination Report feature. This will allow you to create a single report that includes data from different areas of the system as well as combining chart and data reports into one output.

Security Model Simplification

KeyedIn Projects 5.6 will include new login permission types for project managers and line managers that will speed up and simplify the administration of the system. For example, when a project is assigned a project manager, the project manager will automatically get access to the project.

Task Planning Improvements

The following features will be available on the Project Tasks tab in 5.6:

  • Plan your tasks and assignments in hours
  • Copy a range of tasks from another project
  • Copy and paste tasks
  • Find and replace a resource or role on a task plan

Timesheet Improvements and Notifications

  • Ability to submit multiple timesheet submissions in a week
  • Filter by line manager on the timesheet submission search screen
  • Ability to enter a cost code on timesheet direct entry
  • Copy from previous week will copy all timesheet lines
  • Ability to save new timesheet lines without any hours entered 
  • Notify users with missing timesheets in the previous week
  • Notify users who have not entered their expected hours in the previous week

Home Screen Improvements

The Home screen delivered in version 5.5 has been further enhanced to include the ability to group and sort your current work list. You will be able to arrange your current work by due date, project or simply display as a flat list. The ability to sort by start or finish date will also be available. When adding time against a task assignment, the project will be automatically added to your restriction list. All completed work will now appear on the new Completed Work tab.

Billing Improvements

KeyedIn Projects 5.6 will include the following enhancements to the billing module:

  • Automatically assign a contract line to a timesheet based on the contract’s routing type when saving timesheets
  • Display the contract line description and unit rate on the timesheet search screen
  • Ability to show the timesheet and expense supporting sheets in tabular format
  • Ability to show unit rate and total charge on the timesheet supporting sheets

Russian Language Pack

KeyedIn Projects 5.6 includes improvements to the Russian language pack.