KeyedIn Projects v5.4 – See how this release gives you improved scheduling functionality and a clearer view of your projects!

Author: Henry Bennett

The 5.4 release introduces the new Project Document Repository that allows you to see all your project documents in one place. The new Proxy Login feature allows a user to see KeyedIn Projects from another user’s point of view. The Scheduling functionality has been improved to allow users to view schedules for a specific department and roles. The Delivery management functionality has been extended to allow a deliverable to be re-baselined. And a host of other usability improvements have been delivered.

Project Document Repository

The new Project Document Repository will allow users to see all documents related to a Project in a single place. The repository is available on a new “Documents” tab on the main Project application tab. Any documents entered against tasks, risks, issues and project related action views will be displayed in a single view. Users can download documents and drill into the associated data.

Proxy Login

Users can now use KeyedIn Projects from another user’s point of view. This will help system administrators troubleshoot problems reported by users and also allow a user to assume system responsibilities for another user who is on leave.

Intacct Integration

KeyedIn Projects now integrates with Intacct using our new integration platform.

Scheduling Improvements

Ability to filter data on the Scheduling application tab by department and role. Paged results on the main Scheduling application tab. Ability to see up to 13 weeks of schedules on the gantt and daily views

Delivery Management Improvements

Ability to restrict deliverable publish levels. Filter by project manager and template project on the Deliverable Search. Rename slippage fields to “movement” on the Project Deliverables tab. Ability to restore a completed or dropped deliverable. Ability to re-baseline a deliverable.

Demand Forecasting Improvements

Ability to flag a Department as available for demand forecasting. Only departments flagged as available will appear for selection on a demand line.
Ensure the correct department\role combination are selected on a demand line.

Timesheet Improvements

  • Ability to edit submitted timesheets
  • Timesheet custom fields can now be set to mandatory
  • Prevent users from submitting weekly timesheets if they have not entered their expected hours
  • Force users to enter notes against a timesheet entry
  • Auto-populate project restrictions when creating timesheets based on project assignments


New notification for when a resource is assigned to a to do action.