Add Value Fast with a Unique Strategy Led Approach to Project Management

KeyedIn Projects provides Project Stakeholders with the information they need to make informed decisions on project selection and resource deployment by providing project teams and executives with a pragmatic, information focused solution that manages Portfolios, People, Cost, Delivery and Benefits. Our unique approach enables us to step into the chaos and quickly start to deliver clarity and visibility. KeyedIn Projects is fast to implement and will start to add value in a very short timeframe.  Explore the KeyedIn Projects Features Tour to find out more.

Gain Visibility and Control over your entire Portfolio of Projects

KeyedIn Projects is a fully integrated project portfolio management solution, enhancing your ability to select and prioritise the right projects ensuring alignment with business strategy, detailed cost/benefit forecasting, strategic risk analysis and long term resource capability planning. Learn more about managing project portfolios in KeyedIn Projects.

Ensure the most Efficient and Effective use of your most precious asset - Your People

KeyedIn Projects enables your organisation to accurately predict your capability to deliver projects, programmes, strategies or ideas.  Through intuitive dashboards, executives can gain a real-time view of resource capability, enabling them to easily identify any resource shortfalls and to make critical go, kill, hold and fix decisions based on accurate resourcing data.  Learn more about managing resources in KeyedIn Projects.

Easily Keep Track of all Project Costs and Expenditures

Accurately costing and managing the budget of your projects and programmes is essential to project success. From the simple creation of time, cost, revenue and effort budgets to comprehensive financial forecasting features, KeyedIn Projects facilitates the most basic to the most complex project financial management requirements ensuring you deliver on-time, on-budget, profitable projects.  Learn more about managing project financials with KeyedIn Projects.

Successfully Deliver Quantifiable and Meaningful Business Benefits

KeyedIn Projects provides an effective framework for identifying, planning, measuring and actively managing the benefits associated with your projects and programmes to maximise business value.  Whether financial, unit based, achievement based or tied to a deliverable, KeyedIn Projects helps to ensure the successful delivery of quantifiable and meaningful business benefits to any organisation.

Understand the Status of Project Delivery in Real Time

KeyedIn Projects helps improve strategic planning and executive visibility through clear visibility and control over project and programme deliverables.  Most importantly, it provides real-time information on deliverable status. Are they on time? Have they been moved? Who moved them? Why were they moved? With KeyedIn Projects, executive visibility and influence over project delivery has never been simpler.  Learn more about managing project deliverables in KeyedIn Projects.

Speed up and Simplify Essential Project Management Tasks

KeyedIn Projects helps you improve project execution by standardising your approach to project management, work management and billing. By putting you in complete control of project delivery KeyedIn Projects enables you to improve the consistency of your project management processes, forecast cost and revenue more accurately and analyse and monitor risk more effectively. As well as speeding up and simplifying these essential project management tasks, KeyedIn Projects supports knowledge-sharing within the project team, enabling more effective collaboration and improved work management throughout the entire project lifecycle.  Explore our features tour to find out more.

Improve Project Delivery with a Consistent Approach to Project Management

KeyedIn Projects helps raise project standards by providing a standard toolset to plan, track and manage your projects.  Through intuitive project planning, resource scheduling, risk management, issue management, collaboration and status reporting functionality, KeyedIn Projects ensures your projects are delivered on time and on budget with optimal profitability.  Learn more about KeyedIn Projects project management functionality.

Ensure your Project Teams have Complete Visibility into their Work Commitments through Intuitive Work Management Capabilities

KeyedIn Projects offers comprehensive work management features, ensuring your entire project team can collaborate and report from a single platform. Notifications, alerts plus intuitive collaboration features ensure your project team has complete visibility into their work commitments plus a consistent framework to update progress, and share knowledge and ideas. Learn more about KeyedIn Projects work management functionality.

Significantly Reduce Billing Errors, Improve Cash Flow and Drive Profitability through Complete Control over the Project Billing Process

KeyedIn Projects puts you in complete control of the project billing process. Whether your organisation bills on a time and materials, fixed price, capped, milestone, advanced or repeat basis - intuitive billing alerts ensure you have complete visibility of when and how your projects should be billed enabling you to significantly reduce billing errors, improve cash-flow and drive profitability.  Learn more about KeyedIn Projects project billing capabilities.

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