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Make the most of your project portfolio management software implementation with this useful checklist

Implementing project portfolio management software into any organisation can have a cultural impact as well as result in significant change. If you are in the process of selecting a PPM tool, then now is the time to start considering your implementation approach.

There are a number of reasons why PPM implementations fail, most commonly because of:

  • Overcomplicated requirements
  • Lack of senior sponsorship
  • Too much focus on features and functions rather than business issues
  • Processes built around complexity rather than ease of use and user adoption
  • Little consideration for the impact of change on the business

You can read the full list in our blog post, 10 Project Portfolio Management Implementation tips based on real-world experience.

Don’t jump into any implementation of project portfolio management without surveying these 10 Tips. From identifying a sponsor that cares through to engaging consultants, skipping any of these tips might cost you time and money in the choosing the right solution, adopting a solution, and ultimately fully utilising the software.

Transform your PMO. Learn from these tips and make the best project management implementation decisions.

Click the icon below to download and share these tips in a nice handy checklist