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Learn why configurable project portfolio management software is essential for today's complex project management needs

With every organisation running its PMO a little different, highly configurable project portfolio management software is becoming mandatory. Being able to create custom fields, configure dashboards, define workflows and personalise the end user experience are just a few of the essential features needed to streamline project processes and simplify decision making.

At KeyedIn Projects, we pride ourselves on our highly configurable persona-based approach which simplifies the collaboration, visibility, and control needed to optimise the planning and execution of your project portfolio to deliver real business value.

We also understand that the PPM landscape is changing.

  • With digital transformation comes more agile ways of working.
  • With improved project management practices, tool proliferation is becoming more common throughout the enterprise.
  • With reduced global boundaries, knowledge sharing across global teams is becoming more common.
  • Greater competition and the need for product innovation compound the consequences of resource silos

With each of these market conditions comes a unique set of requirements from your project portfolio management software provider, such as multi-lingual and multi-currency support, the ability to standardise KPIs across traditional and agile projects, the list goes on.

Having the ability to turn on and configure these features as required will help your organisation retain its competitiveness in an ever-changing market without overcomplicating your PPM solution. In this checklist, we explore some of the key functionality you should consider if you have complex, geographically dispersed teams, or if you have complex processes already embedded in your organisation and are looking for optimum project management efficiency.

How well PPM meets your business needs can have a dramatic effect on the return-on-investment, and the return-on-opportunity you will receive. For further information on the value of configuarable project portfolio management software, why not explore our blog, calculating the return from your project portfolio management investment.

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