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Portfolio Selection and Prioritisation - learn how to select and prioritise projects, programmemes and portfolios with KeyedIn Projects

Learn how KeyedIn Projects enables you to select and prioritise projects based on your organisational initiatives and objectives, ensuring you deliver the right projects, at the right time, in alignment with your resource and financial constraints.

In this short video you will see how KeyedIn Projects can help you...

  • Select and Prioritise projects based on organisational objectives, initiatives
  • Model changes in demand and business strategy
  • Rank, score and prioritise candidate projects based on configurable values and metrics
  • See the impact of mandatory projects and assess the alignment to business strategy
  • Easily model committed and in-flight projects
  • Single click drill down into valuable project data
  • Measure the combined impact of pipeline and committed projects on the organisations ability to deliver
  • Analyse the impact on capacity and resource demand
  • Highlight resource shortfalls and over commitment
  • Model solutions to resource issues using "What If" Scenario modelling
  • Easily model changes to the project's schedule or removal from the portfolio
  • Manage and compare multi scenarios for rapid insight into the impact of the proposed changes to the project portfolio