Download the KeyedIn Projects PPM Evaluation Guide - our ultimate guide to significantly reducing the cost of the PPM selection and implementation process

As organisations seek to optimize their project portfolio management (PPM) and change initiatives through the use of PPM software, all too often these organisations reach for what they feel is a tried and tested approach to product selection by embarking on a long drawn out RFI process.

However, based on our research and 25 years experience implementing PPM solutions, successfully achieving this process has proved challenging for many organisations, can be costly and contain many risks at every stage.

Download this free guide to find out how organisations are streamlining this process. Topics include:

  • The Issue with traditional product selection processes
  • How to achieve 100% transparency throughout the product selection process
  • Understanding the true cost of a failed RFI process
  • How to select the correct tool with minimal risk
  • How to Quick start the selection process

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