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Learn how KeyedIn Excellence provides a true Project Portfolio Management Software success differentiator

According to the Project Management Institute, organisations surveyed reported averages consistent with 44% of their projects being challenged, late, over budget or reduced in scope, with an additional 24% considered failures, leaving only 32% categorised as successful. The lost revenue associated with these percentages, while undisclosed, is substantial to any company.

Project portfolio management software is designed to reduce these shortfalls, providing functionality to improve the selection and execution or projects, programmes and entire portfolios.

But to take advantage of both these tangible and intangible benefits, organisations need to successfully deploy the enabling technology in the right way, focusing on the business benefits achievable in the short, medium and long-term.

In this guide we explore a number of deployment tips that KeyedIn Solutions has successfully utilised over the past 25 years, to ensure PMOs achieve a real success differentiator when implementing the KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution.

Topics include:

  • A quick-fire guide to project portfolio management benefits
  • The importance of avoiding overcomplex big bang deployments
  • Example customer success stories
  • How KeyedIn Excellence provides a real PPM success differentiator
  • The importance of getting the right level of support throughout the entire process, from evaluation to implementation
  • Why you should establish an implementation team with deep industry experience
  • An example PPM Implementation checklist

Download this free guide to see how KeyedIn Excellence's unique approach to PPM Implementation provides a true success differentiator. Interested to learn more about how to configure project portfolio management software to your individual needs and processes, why not explore our blog post, essential features for successful project portfolio management configuration.