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Explore the Day in the Life of a Project

KeyedIn Projects provides a simple, persona-based approach to Project Portfolio Management, enabling you to meet the demands of the modern enterprise quicker and easier than ever before.

This webinar is ideal for project leaders looking to take a fresh approach to enterprise work management. Focusing on “A Day in the Life of a Project” this recorded webinar showcases how you can streamline your entire project and portfolio management process, from intake to execution.

Key topics will include:

  • Simplifying strategic planning
  • Aligning resources with your capacity and demand 
  • Standardising your project management approach
  • Streamlining work execution
  • Enhancing project and team collaboration
  • Taking control of project financials
  • Raising reporting and analytics to a new level

Click the icon below to watch the webinar. For a more in-depth look, why not explore the KeyedIn Projects features tour.