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Learn how project portfolio management software can help you standardise project initiation and drive improved project governance

Join KeyedIn Solutions for Project Initiation, Governance and Lifecycle Management, the next installment of our KeyedIn Spotlight Webinar Series. Throughout this series, we will be providing insight and advice on how to utilise various features of KeyedIn Projects to improve business performance.

In this episode, we look at the benefits of project portfolio management software from the perspective of streamlining project initiation and applying good project governance during every stage of a project's lifecycle.

There are a number of benefits to both standardising project initiation as well as applying good project governance. These include:

  • Greater consistency in the way projects are managed and different project types are planned
  • Clear lines of responsibility and project ownership
  • Better strategic alignment
  • Improved decision making
  • Better use of resource
  • Clearer collaboration and communication
  • Consistent KPIs across traditional and agile projects
  • Improved knowledge sharing.

Using KeyedIn Projects as the demonstration platform, we explore how a top-down strategy-led approach to PPM enables you to take a more business outcome focused approach, so you can drive better value from your projects and resources at every stage throughout its lifecycle.

This on-demand webinar will benefit existing users, as well as potential users that would like to increase their knowledge of how project portfolio management software can streamline key project, initiation, governance, and lifecycle management tasks.

Key topics covered during the webinar will include:

  • How rapid project initiation helps standardise your project management approach
  • How good project governance drives better project outcomes
  • How to define and manage an effective project lifecycle

Click the icon below to watch the recording. For a real-life example of how KeyedIn Projects helped streamline key project management processes, why not explore our Alliance Healthcare case study.