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Download the KeyedIn Projects Return on Investment Calculator to see how much you could save with project portfolio management software

Use this free tool to calculate the potential Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Opportunity (ROO) of deploying project portfolio management software within your organisation.

KeyedIn Projects provides cost savings from both a return-on-investment and return-on-opportunity perspective. Most cost savings are achieved through improved efficiency leading to time savings. For example, our clients generally see a reduction in project reporting times of between 50 – 75%.

Common cost savings are also achieved through improving the alignment of your project portfolio to your business objectives, removing pet projects, as well as having a better ability to make stop, go, hold, fix decisions. However, these are very specific to an organisations, industry, strategic direction and project mix. More commonly, our clients see cost and time saving directly relating to the activities of their project and programme managers as well as their delivery staff.

Using real customer examples. This easy to use calculator will let you calculate the potential return based on your number of project managers and delivery staff. Click the icon to download the calculator now.

If you are looking to justify PPM in your organisation, or have an interest in what happens if you don't implement PPM, why not read or blog, what happens when you don’t implement PPM? to find out more.