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Download Beyond Project Delivery - this free whitepaper focuses on practical strategies for improving the alignment of the PMO with corporate objectives

Your PMO can play a pivotal role in translating your organisation’s overall strategy into action. A well-informed PMO, with the right tools at its disposal, can help your business answer key questions before projects begin and react efficiently and effectively when changes to project scope are proposed. That means that, instead of requiring scope changes to be authorised at the highest level, creating delays, your PMO can act as a filter: analysing the issue quickly and providing an action plan that fully reflects your organisation’s overall direction.

KeyedIn can help equip your PMO to operate in this way – providing the technology to analyse projects and programmes against corporate strategy, recommending appropriate processes for assessment and crucially nurturing and developing your PMO team to take on this more strategic role.

In this free whitepaper you will learn:

• How an effective PMO can help drive alignment
• How to enable your PMO to align projects with corporate objectives
• How your PMO can add value