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Download Enabling Successful Business Change - a strategic guide to increasing the success of internal change programmemes

From IT implementations to organisational restructures, internal change programmes are now an integral part of the business landscape. But for these programmes to succeed, they need to be both planned and executed with the same rigour and discipline as client-facing projects. That not only means ensuring planning and delivery are aligned – with all parties working to the same goal – but also adopting effective governance.

In this free whitepaper we provide a strategic overview of how to structure your PMO to deliver successful change programmes. We also provide valuable insight into why you should avoid the bottom up, execution led approach to programme management when deploying a system to help manage and execute your change initiatives.

Key topics covered throughout this paper include:

• How your organisation can improve the delivery of critical change programmes
• The key steps to programme management success
• How to avoid the “Bottom Up” trap when deploying programme management software
• How KeyedIn® Projects can enable your PMO to effectively take control of change programmes

Take advantage of this free whitepaper today and learn how to enable your PMO to become a leader of change and increase the success of internal change programmes.