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Gain Real Time Visibility into Marketing Projects

KeyedIn Projects provides complete visibility and control over all of your marketing projects and programmes in a single solution. With KeyedIn Projects you can resign your home-grown and MS Excel solutions to history and adopt a quick and easy use project management tool that helps your project managers plan consistently and your team members deliver smarter.

Improve Estimating

With KeyedIn Projects you can quickly improve your estimating process. Intuitive forecasting features enable you to specify your demand for resource and planned expenditure at the project and programme level, meaning you can quickly assess if you have the resources and budget to deliver new initiatives, or to understand the impact of changes to existing programmes.

Provide Realistic Deadlines

With improved forecasting you can instantly start to set realistic expectations around deadlines safe in the knowledge that you have the resource and budget to meet them. KeyedIn Projects then takes the complexity out of communicating your key deliverables to project stakeholders and team members - ensuring everyone has relevant real-time information around project milestones, deliverables and outcomes.

Standardise Planning

KeyedIn Projects ensures that all of your project managers have a consistent toolset to plan projects, track progress and report status. This significantly reduces project administration time and provides a framework of templates and best practices to build on and improve as your project management maturity grows.

Centralise Documents

KeyedIn Projects will also help with standardising access to key project documentation. Intuitive document management features ensure you can keep all project documentation in a central location and can easily manage versions as well as the check-in and check-out process.

Track Progress

With KeyedIn Projects your project team members have direct input in the status of your projects, from submitting accurate timesheets, through to updating project task progress. What's more, KeyedIn Projects provides your project managers with a standard framework for submitting project progress and regular status reports.

Improve Visibility into Key Deliverables

For many organisations providing executive visibility into key marketing deliverables has been very hard to achieve.  With KeyedIn Projects you can greatly simplify this process by defining a project hierarchy that represents your organisations reporting structure.  You can then easily publish deliverables at different levels in the hierarchy so your executives get the visibility they need whilst being removed from the complexity required by the individual project managers to manage the project successfully. 

Share Knowledge

KeyedIn Projects provides the perfect platform for all of your project team members to collabourate and communicate, enabling them to share knowledge and lessons learned in order to continually improve project performance and delivery.

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