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Align the PMO with the executive board and projects with corporate goals

One of the fundamental functions of most PMOs is reporting to the board on projects and programmes. But if your communication is only one way, you’re missing a trick.

As the gatekeeper for projects across the business, the PMO can play a pivotal role in translating your organisation’s overall strategy into action. Do proposed projects – whether internal or external – fulfil corporate objectives? Are they likely to hit targets for resource usage or profitability, or is there a strategic reason for taking a project on, such as gaining a foothold in a new market? And if a change of scope will impact on profit margins, but increase overall revenue or client satisfaction, is it worth agreeing?

A well-informed PMO, with the right tools at its disposal, can help the business answer these questions, before projects begin and when changes to scope are proposed. That means that, instead of requiring scope changes to be authorized at the highest level, creating delays, the PMO can act as a filter: analysing the issue quickly and providing an answer that fully reflects your organisation’s overall direction.

KeyedIn can help equip the PMO to operate in this way – providing the technology to analyse projects and programmes against corporate strategy, recommending appropriate processes for assessment and crucially nurturing and developing the PMO team to take on this more strategic role.