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Improving PMO Effectiveness and Increasing Project Efficiency

What’s the easiest way to get more value from your PMO? Give it more responsibility.

Most PMOs function as a reporting hub: the place where project information is gathered and collated so that the executive team can be provided with a clear and consistent view of the status of each project in the business. But while this approach brings some often much-needed discipline to project delivery, it means organisations are only realising a fraction of the PMO’s potential.

Instead, consider putting all that rich information you’re gathering through the PMO to wider use – applying and analysing the knowledge you now hold about individual projects to gain insights across the entire portfolio. With KeyedIn Projects, that’s exactly what you can do.

Because KeyedIn Projects creates a single central store for all the project information, it’s easy to then put that information to better use – understanding cross-project dependencies, supporting more informed project selection and pinpointing repeat problems and process inefficiencies.

In short, it means the PMO can lead a wholesale transformation of the way projects are planned, managed and delivered, without requiring any further information to be gathered from the business.